Importance of the Royal Recap

This step in your shift may very well be the most important! Completing the Royal Recap gives us an insight into your time in store! This is a huge way that we communicate with the brand to show them how incredible our team is 🙂

There is no detail too small! The more information the better and we often times will send feedback directly to the brand. Keep this in mind as you fill in info. If there is something you would find helpful – share it! If you had an amazing client experience – share it! If you had a repeat customer – share it! If a product is sold out at the store – share it! If the store employees are loving their samples – share it! If there was a snow storm and the store only had 3 customers – share it! You get the idea…

Recaps also allow us to reflect on the day and hold ourselves accountable as well. Did you complete all required tasks? Are their areas where you can improve our service? Are you really proud of something that happened that day?

Moral of the story — Fill out your Royal Recap thoroughly.