Product Knowledge


Once you complete this on-boarding course, any brand courses that have been assigned to you will be available for completion!

You will also be using a Brand Kit with each store visit. More on this will come later in this course.

We expect you to have a general understanding of the brand before your first shift. You should feel comfortable enough to train retail employees on the brand when in store so that they can be successful when you are not around. We offer virtual, recorded and touch bases to help you.

  • The BRAND 101 course should be completed before your first day in store.
  • Brand story should be well known.
  • Know the main differentiator of the brand and products.
  • Specific ingredients for the products will be learned over time, familiarize yourself as best you can before your first shift. It is good to have a few sound bytes and personal testimonies ready!!
  • Product usage should be well known.
  • We will cover products more in depth as needed. If anything comes up that you may not know, be honest and let the client know that you are looking into it. Chances are you can find the info with your training materials or reach out to your team/Morgan.

If at any point you feel as though you need product knowledge support you can always reach out to Morgan Kelly, to set up some time to run through topics where you need assistance.