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To restore skin’s youthful glow – change the way your skin behaves


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Gratis, sample & tester policy

Customer pays for testers at a discounted rate (noted on the tester order form).
If a product is out of stock it is also unavailable as a tester.
Samples are available upon request for sales support and special events.
Gratis is available for your team through HighIQ launch and quarterly training.




High IQ Quarter Training and Gratis Opportunity

Each quarter we are offering your team members a refreshed brand training. Please have all employees who work with the collection log in, go to Courses and complete their quarterly training.



ReVive Launch Training

Are you a brand new retail partner to ReVive?
Please log in and have all employees who work with the collection complete their brand launch training.

Pro tip: There is something exciting waiting for you when the course is complete!


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