Daily Exfoliant Cleanser

The Daily Exfoliant Cleanser gently cleans, preps and softens your skin in only 60 seconds. With clean + natural ingredients, this everyday face wash cleanses and exfoliates at the same time to remove impurities, clear pores and balance oil on the skin — all without stripping the skin of moisture.


  • Removes makeup while gently exfoliating.
  • Protects and enhances natural skin barrier with pH balance.
  • Good for all skin types
  • Fresh tropical scent


  • Ground Coconut Shell
  • Pineapple
  • Cucumber
  • Green Tea Leaf

Use morning & night – Shake well before use. Wet hands and face, rub a quarter size in palms and then onto face . Rinse with warn water. Pat dry. Follow with next steps.

Blemish Relief Lotion

The Blemish Relief Lotionuses a clean + natural formula that effectively clears the appearance of blemishes (and keeps them clear) while soothing aggravated skin. 


  • Great for calming acne.
  • Reduces redness
  • Good for all skin types

Ingredients: B3 Technology

  • Dragons Blood Extract
  • Black Willow Bark
  • Cat’s Claw Extract

Use morning and night after cleansing. Pump a dime size on back of hand. Apply to clean, dry skin focus on problem areas. Allow to absorb completely.

Glow Renewal Serum

The Glow Renewal Serumnourishes, revitalizes and enhances your skin’s natural glow. This lightweight serum also restores skin damaged by acne and reduces the appearance of scarring and spots, while providing ample hydration.


Clinical Assessment: a 35 person, 28-day dermatologist controlled trial

74%Reported improved in skin texture

82%Reported clearing of hyperpigmentation (including brown spots and age spots) 

98%Reported increase in lift & firmness

Ingredients: Tropical Haven

  • Camu Camu
  • Andiroba
  • Pequi

Use morning and night after cleansing and/or lotion. Pump a dime size on back of hand. Apply to clean, dry skin focus on problem areas. Allow to absorb completely.


Clear + Renew Kick Trio

exfoliating cleanser, blemish relief lotion & glow renewal serum

Blemish Kick Duo

exfoliating cleanser & blemish relief lotion

Renew Kick Duo

exfoliating cleanser & glow renewal serum

Dope Kick Duo

exfoliating cleanser + dope blemish relief lotion (cbd infused)