Morning Ritual – Start up with Sativa

Start up with Sativa

Full flower, full day benefits.

Meet Bloomrise Sativa Serum, a powerhouse facial treatment packed with whole flower cannabis sativa (hemp) extract and 13+ concentrated botanicals that instantly penetrate skin.

Boost glow and activate natural radiance with this a.m. multi-corrective:

  • Triple-hydrates thirsty skin
  • Reduces hyperpigmentation, calms redness and treats¬†irritation
  • Refines skin texture and minimizes pores
  • Plumps, firms and smoothes fine lines
  • Protects against environmental stress, pollution and blue¬†light damage

Sativa-inspired essential oils energize and invigorate with top
notes of bergamot, geranium rose, lemongrass and juniper.

Apply each morning to freshly cleansed skin, pausing to inhale.