Product Categories

Hairbaths & Conditioners

These can be used with their partner or mixed and matched. They are listed here in order from lightest to heaviest.

Pure Harmony Hairbath & Pure Inspiration Daily Conditioner – Fine to medium hair

Color Awakening Hairbath & Color Radiance Daily Conditioner – Medium & color treated hair

Hydrating Cream Hairbath & Hydrating Cream Conditioner – Thick, coarse dry hair

Prep & Refresh

These products are to be used to extend styles and blowouts the best way.

Hair Love Prep Spray – Priming spray to boost body & add thermal care for all hair types

Sweet Spirit Leave in Conditioner – Lightweight detangling spray to replenish moisture. Perfect for the mids to ends between washes to liven the hair.

Refresh Dry Shampoo – A wet to dry formula that uses rice starch and has no white residue.

Hold & Finish

I Create Lift Volumizing Foam – Light Hold. Lift roots and create style memory. All hair types.

I Create Lift – Light – Medium Hold. Volumizing lotion for body and fullness. All hair types.

I Create Hold – Medium to Strong Hold. Styling gel for hold and shine.

I Create Finish – Strong Hold. Workable spray for hold and shine.

Texture & Waves

Quiet Calm Curl Control – A styling cream to shape and define curls.

Inner Peace Whipped Cream Texturizer – Whipped styling cream to create workable texture and definition.

I Create Waves – Salt spray to add texture and enhance waves.


True Enlightenment Scalp Scrub – Pre-cleanse exfoliating treatment.

Harmonic Healing Oil – Treatment oil for scalp and skin.

Hydrating Hair Mask – Hair mask to replenish and repair moisture.

Detox Hair Mask – A pre-cleanse clarifying detox treatment┬áto remove buildup.